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What's On - Opera - La bohème

“A five star production” The Fine Times Recorder

BOHEME_300Giacomo Puccini’s La bohème
An Iford Arts Production

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From the first delicate moments of her shyly  hesitant entry Mimi’s music and  her story wrings your heartstrings. Against the background of chaotic  student life where young men sew their wild oats, and the vampish Musetta reigns supreme, Parisian life Puccini’s ever youthful characters await the onset of responsibility.  It is impossible to remain untouched by the rich and dreamy  music and the very human love stories of this, his best-loved work.

Witnessed close up at Iford it becomes more affecting than ever… Bring a hanky.  Conducted by Oliver Gooch with  rising young tenor Anthony Flaum as Rudolfo, and Irish Soprano Màire Flavin as Mimi; with Alison Langer as fire-spitting Musetta and Nicholas Lester as her long-suffering lover Marcello.  This new production is translated and directed by Christopher Cowell.

“The exoticism of the surroundings and the extraordinary listening experience fascinate” Helmut Pitsch


“A mesmerising performance of La bohème”Rebecca Lipkin from The Arbuturian 

PRODUCER  Iford Arts
CONDUCTOR Oliver Gooch
DIRECTOR Christopher Cowell
DESIGNER Eleanor Wdowski
LIGHTING DESIGNER Christopher Nairne
MIMI Máire Flavin
RODOLFO Anthony Flaum
MUSETTA  Alison Langer
MARCELLO Nicholas Lester
SCHAUNARD Frederick Long
COLLINE James Ioelu
BENOIT & ALLIDORO Charles Johnston

“Pure Magic, as though each performance is being enacted entirely for your personal benefit” The Telegraph




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